Tips for Saving Water Damaged Papers & Books

Tips for Saving Water Damaged Papers & Books


Orange County Water damage restoration has become one of the biggest services available today. As thousands of people suffer from water damage at home and even at the office, there are quite a few documents, papers and books that get damaged and destroyed. However, there may be the chance to actually save some of the damaged items. After this also read our top article here. Here are a few tips you may want to know to help save your precious papers and books.

Air Drying Is Your First Step

If the books or papers aren’t in too bad shape and haven’t been soaked clean through, there is a chance to save them. You need to air dry them, don’t use any heaters or fans because it will possibly blow the papers and even some book pages across the room and that doesn’t more damage. It’s important to at least let the books or papers air dry in a clean and dry environment for a little while. If this doesn’t work, you can of course try something else or even use some Orange County water damage restoration document services.

Tips for Saving Water Damaged Papers & Books

Try Dehumidifier

You might not think dehumidifiers would do much good for papers and books but actually they can. It doesn’t matter if you have a large unit or a small unit, you can use the dehumidifier to absorb excess moisture in the air as well as excess water. This can really help to hopefully save some water damaged papers and books. Of course, the results may very well vary on the extent of the damage done to the items themselves however, in minor cases, they can be really useful. In fact, they can be useful for major cases too but it does vary. Consider using a water damage restoration service if you aren’t sure how to proceed.

Carefully Remove the Paper or Book and Clean

To try and save the damaged papers or books as much as possible, you need to get them out of water and quickly. However, don’t just snatch them up; you need to take serious caution. This is paper and sometimes, once it’s wet, it rips and tears so easily; instead, you need to pick up the papers very carefully and remove them from the water. If the water was dirty, try to rinse the papers to clean them but if they are very fragile and start to tear when you pick them up, you should lay them on a flat surface and do nothing else. You may require the services of a professional Orange County water damage restoration document service.

What to Do If It Can’t Be Saved

A water damage restoration service can be great especially if you can’t actually save your own papers but sometimes, things cannot be saved. When this happens, you have very little options; the first would be to use an expert but if even they can’t salvage things or if you don’t have the money for them, you need to copy them and throw them away. You can easily scan or copy the damaged materials; sometimes, documents and papers cannot be saved.

Sometimes You Need a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service

You have to remember that while you may try to dry out and save the books or papers at home yourself, sometimes, you will need to call in a professional. Some papers are going to be badly damaged and they may be too fragile to move and need a professional document restorer to help. If you need more to know visit this link Sometimes, it’s worth spending the money to hire an Orange County water damage restoration document service to ensure you get the best results.

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